4711 Original Eau De Cologne 300ml

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4711 Original Eau De Cologne 300ml

4711 Original Eau De Cologne 300ml

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They come as a powder that you add to plain water and they create an intensely fizzy, lemon-y, salty drink that's like nothing else. The famous Molanus bottle, designed by Heinrich Peter Molanus of Cologne, is unique and a veritable head-turner. In fact, I think my wife thinks that I have a problem because she keeps finding bottles of 4711 stashed around the house. I mention this because there is history and nostalgia for me in this scent, but also because French can be snobs about perfume (rightfully so in many cases), and it passed the test in the case of the old bf's family.

is a summer staple for me, but I apply it under my arms along with crystal mineral deodorant, or later in the day after I've sweat a bit but am not ready for a shower. I still love and wear this now but mostly in body spray and scented wipe form rather than the actual cologne. Spritz on some 4711 before going to sleep so you have something pleasant to sniff (plus, lavender and sleep are something of an item, or so I've heard, and 4711 contains lavender, so. The longevity on me seems about 6 hours (almost imperceptible at that point but still there--I apply fairly heavily when I want a long wear--cologne by its nature isn't meant to last a long time, so complaints on this aspect baffle me a bit.sometimes I tend to layer it with molecule 01 or molecule 02 for some extra character and longevity. However, if I'm going out somewhere special or need something with more longevity, I'll wear something else. Having compared them side by side, there are *slight* differences; the vintage presents more of the rosemary and lavender elements of the scent, while the modern formulation seems to push the citrus and neroli to the fore. I wanted to have a fragrance with some historical value and I suppose I was prepared for how weak this stuff is by the reviews but smelling or rather lack of smelling is believing.

Light and refreshing with revitalising bergamot, lemon, and orange; calming lavender and rosemary; finished with base notes of Neroli. The precise composition of 4711 Eau de Cologne remains a guarded secret, but the principal ingredients include the essence of essential oils from select citrus fruits and small quantities of Rosemary and Lavender. From now on at Perfume’s Club, you can find products sent by external sellers, always under Perfume’s Club’s quality criteria. Aromatherapy has been used for ages and is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit.In this tale of ancient shores and sun-soaked dreams, 4711 Cologne stands as a testament to the past, a fragrance that whispers of cool breezes, fleeting as the memories it invokes. Put on 4711 and go get dressed/style your hair while you think about it; it'll be gone by the time you truly need to make a final decision, and at least you weren't without fragrance while you were pondering your choice. She used to always have a handkerchief with Eau de Cologne, in the Netherlands where I live, that was the most common way to use it, back in the olden days. After around half an hour, on my skin it develops some skanky note (the good type) that feel familiar to fragrances with civet notes, like Civet from Zoologist. If you really had a long journey without a real chance to wash you'd at least retreat to the wash room briefly, splash it on your neck and wipe some around your arms.

Por lo cual considero que esta fragancia y COLONIA ORIGINAL es una belleza para quien guste de los perfumes o los de el valor que se debe, ademas es historica y por ultimo la volveria a comprar de nuevo las veces que sea necesaria, la verdad el aroma es unico y genial, refrescante y es unisex a cualquier persona la gustara. It tells me 'this is (slightly ripe) neroli that you smell in late spring, no matter how many floral and fruity notes you list as some pyramids do'. Created in the city of Cologne, 4711 Original eau de cologne remains virtually unchanged for over 220 years.Soft neroli emerges early on, rounding out the zesty citruses of the opening, and becomes the dominant note. The fragrance evokes feelings of elegance, sophistication, and a touch of nostalgia, making it a timeless choice for any occasion.

Yes, it doesn't last long but there are lots of fragrances that cost way more and last the same or even worse. When sprayed underneath and on clothes I get slightly longer wear and this delicious airy effect which I look for in colognes. I also find this to be perfectly unisex as it doesn’t lean feminine or masculine and for being the oldest cologne out there I didn’t expect this to smell as modern. She wore this when gardening or at night she said the mosquitos didn’t bite her when she had this on.I got a 800ml bottle and use it when doing sports in summer, or as mosquito-repellent (likely not working) and room fragrance. As the sun travels its arc across the sky, so must you reapply, an hourly ritual to revive its memory. Eau de cologne produces a fresh effect and has a light scent that dissipates after one to two hours. The firm "Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülichs-Platz" feared confusion between the products because they also produced perfumes.

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